Spell Kit


Wards off negative psychic energy. The kit contains:
White Magic Protection Spray
Palo Santo Stick
Black Chime Candle with Ceramic Candle Holder
Tourmaline Crystal

Spray the protection spray around the room focusing on doors and windows. Light the candle, burn the Palo Santo, and hold the tourmaline in your right hand while you imagine a crystalline force field around you protecting your aura.

Attract luck and prosperity. The kit contains:
White Magic Money Spray
Pouch of Chamomile
Green Chime Candle with Ceramic Candle Holder
Pyrite Crystal

Spray the money spray in a place where you would like to attract wealth. Sprinkle the chamomile around the candle, light the candle and place the pyrite in your left hand while visualizing yourself receiving all you would like to acquire.

Release negativity and bring positive energy into your life. The kit contains:
White Sage Smudge Spray
Spring of White Sage
White Chime Candle with Ceramic Candle Holder
Himalayan Pink Salt Crystal

Spray the White Sage Smudge Spray around the room. Light the sage and the candle. While the candle burns hold the salt crystal and visualize negative energy being absorbed by the crystal. Imagine yourself in a pyramid of white light.

Open your heart and send positive love vibrations to someone special. The kit contains:
White Magic Love Spray
Pouch of Rose Petal Herbs
Pink Chime Candle with Ceramic Candle Holder
Rose Quartz

Spray the Love Spray around the room. Focus your mind on positive emotions. Arrange the rose petals around the candle, hold the rose quartz in your hand and visualize yourself with your loved on surrounded in rose gold light.