Connected + Free – The Alchemist’s Oracle | Second Edition


The Connected + Free The Alchemist’s Oracle Second Edition, is a 55 card oracle deck that will guide you to a place of inner alchemy. This vibrant, light, earthy oracle deck is full of magic and intuitive guidance. It is designed to be used to support you in connecting with your own inner wisdom, soul guidance, and natural intuitive abilities to navigate that landscape of life! From opportunities to challenges you can rely on this little baby to help you understand, clirify, or see whatever is presenting in an insightful and helpful way.

The included 148 page guide book is not only the reference tool for the channeled messages but also holds within its cover, tips on Oracle Spreads and Free Form readings, and guides on How to Cleanse your Cards and How to Develop your Intuition. Connected & Free – The Alchemist’s Oracle has been made with love, intention and playfulness every step of the way.

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