Welcome to Gathered Home.

My mama Tiffani and I created this space to share some of the things we love most. I for one, fall in love a lot – with beautiful people, moments, places and things. With Tiffani’s years of expertise and intuitive talent in the world of art, fashion, and interior design, and my passion for sourcing and sharing, we came together to inspire and create a space of beauty and community. We believe you should love your home! It’s your safe haven; it’s where you relax after a long day; it’s where you share meals with your loved ones; and it’s where you raise your family. We believe it should not only look and feel good, we also believe it should be a reflection of you! There are so many different facets to people and their lifestyles and we think it is all so beautiful. So let’s play, explore, and most of all have fun in creating a home and life you truly love!