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    A la Collection Gold Brass Shell Jewelry Dish Gathered Home

    Brass Shell Dish

    A la Collection Mother of Pearl Brass Box Gathered Home

    Mother of Pearl Brass Box

    Gathered Home Small Crystal Quartz Bowl

    Quartz Bowl

    Cupped Hands Ring Dish

    Cupped Hands Ring Dish


    Giza Display Box

    Sale! Nesting Trinket Boxes

    Nesting Trinket Boxes

    $38 $29.99
    Sale! Mirrored Nesting Trays

    Mirrored Nesting Trays

    $168 $89.99
    Sale! Rabbit Ear Bell Jar

    Rabbit Ear Bell Jar

    $38 $29.99
    Sale! Golden Wishbone Ring Dish

    Golden Wishbone Ring Dish

    $46 $34.99
    Sale! Dancing Swans Jewelry Holder

    Dancing Swans Jewelry Holder

    $86 $69.99
    Abalone Shell

    Abalone Shell