ZenBunni Chocolate Rainbow Box
ZenBunni Chocolate Rainbow Box

ZenBunni Chocolate Rainbow Box


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Our ZenBunni Chocolate Rainbow Box is a delightful assortment of 9 different biodynamic chocolates in tune with the colors of the rainbow, and is sure to take you on a magical journey. Try the uniquely divine flavors: Topanga, Lost Salt of Atlantis, Shiva Rose, Extra Dark Kogi, Kathmandu Chai, Maui Sunrise, Abuela Azteca, Mystic Mocha, and Lavender Lemuria. Each beautifully packaged gift box includes a quartz crystal to super-charge the love in your chocolates. Stone ground, microcosmic chocolate free of dairy, gluten, soy, and refined sugar. Handcrafted in Venice, CA.

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By ZenBunni

Why We Love It

It was love at first bite with these delicious and nutritious chocolates.
ZenBunni is a Biodynamic Chocolate company based in Venice, CA. Over the last ten years they have been perfecting raw, vegan, gluten, soy, and refined sugar free chocolate bars. Sourced from the highest quality ingredients, locally and around the world, infusing our cacao with the most medicinal and delicious plants, minerals, oils, and spices.


Each bar is roughly the size of a domino – 9 gr each


Topanga: Biodynamic & Organic 70% Cacao, Cane Jaggery
Lost Salt of Atlantis: Biodynamic & Organic Phycocyanin Infused Salt, 70% Cacao, Cane Jaggery
Shiva Rose: Biodynamic & Organic Bulgarian Rose, Salt, Cardamon, 70% Cacao, Cane Jaggery
Extra Dark Kogi: Biodynamic & Organic 85% Cacao, Cane Jaggery, Lightly Dusted with Salted Maple
Kathmandu Chai: Biodynamic & Organic Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Vanilla, ZB Chai Spices, 70% Cacao, Cane Jaggery
Maui Sunrise: Biodynamic & Organic Full-Spectrum Turmeric Ginger, 70% Cacao, Cane Jaggery
Abuela Azteca: Biodynamic & Organic Mixed Peppers, Smoked Salt, Maple Crystals, 70% Cacao, Cane Jaggery
Mystic Mocha: Biodynamic & Organic Hand-Ground Espresso, Maple Crystals, 70% Cacao, Cane Jaggery
Lavender Lemuria: Biodynamic & Organic Lavender Flowers, Salt, Lavender Labyrinth Oil, 70% Cacao, Cane Jaggery