Small Juju Hat

Small Juju Hat



Authentic African headdress turned wall décor. These stunning feathered works of art are traditionally used in Cameroon as a symbol of prosperity, and are believed to possess the positive qualities of birds and represent the beauty of life. We love them when hung alone or clustered in various sizes as a remarkable statement.


Approximately 20″

Care Instructions

The Juju Hats will ship to you folded and wrapped with a string. It is extremely important that you do not cut any strings! They are woven through the headdress and keep it held together. Carefully unwrap the center string. Once unwrapped, push the center of the raffia support on the back. The feathers will begin to unfold like a flower. Push all the way until the center slightly pops out. If your Juju Hat needs a little fluffing, simply blow dry it. (Do not get it wet.) We recommend treating your hat every few months against moths.