Dipped Pinch Bowls
Monochrome Pinch Bowls

Dipped Pinch Bowls



These mini bowls are as cute as can be, filled with spices in the kitchen or to brighten your desk. Each bowl is carefully hand dipped in either a vibrant neon, or monochromatic hue so they are all unique! The colored portion is a food safe, soft rubber which makes them durable and slip resistant. The Splash set includes a neon pink, orange, and yellow bowl. The Monochrome set includes a white, grey, and black bowl. Made in Minnesota, USA.

By Willful


Set of 3. Approximately 2.5″ diameter x 1.25″ high

Care Instructions

Wash with mild soap, rinse and dry immediately with soft cloth. To avoid warping or cracking, please don’t soak your wooden products in water, put in dishwasher, scrub with abrasive material, heat in oven or microwave or leave in direct sunlight. We recommend seasoning as it penetrates wooden products and prevents drying and cracking in addition to adding a soft luster finish. Rub a thin layer of food safe wood preserver (we recommend this one ) onto entire wood surface with a clean cloth. Let stand 15 minutes, then buff off any excess. On new pieces, use wood preserver once a week for the first month to ensure penetration. Apply 2-3 coats on new untreated wood. After that, use once a month or whenever wood seems dull and dry.