Made by Yoke Incense
Made by Yoke Incense

Made by Yoke Incense

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Our Made by Yoke Incense are hand-dipped and California sun-dried. Burn before or after meditation, or in any sacred space to calm, relax, and center. 20 sticks per box.

Ritual: Soft frankincense and myrrh blend used for centuries to inspire spiritual energies within. Frankincense is known to reduce anxiety and aid in relaxation.

Sacred: Hearty patchouli and sage to bring the best of the outdoors inside. 

Abundance: R
ich, earthy and woody scent designed to inspire connecting within. Notes: Violet, patchouli and cedarwood

Intention: Let our Intention Incense be a constant reminder of how powerful an intention can be in your life. With soft hints of orange, and mahogany and an infusion of oakmoss and amber enhance the earthy quality of this scent. Mahogany adds a depth while wood and amber round out the base for a rich and smooth finish.
Top notes: Lavender, Orange, Mahogany
Base notes: Oakmoss, Cedar, Amber, Musk, Wood

Sandalwood: Rich, penetrating sandalwood helps to relax and pacify anxiety. A warming and woodsy familiar scent embraces the corners of any space with an air of calm.

20 sticks per box

Light the top of the incense at a slight angle. Allow the flame to burn for five seconds then blow to extinguish. Incense will burn on its own. Incense stick will burn for approximately one hour.

Whether you’re new to incense or just want to expand your practice, burn Abundance incense sticks before or after meditation, or in any sacred space to calm, relax, and center. Pair with our luxurious handmade, brass incense holder to elevate your space.

Popular ways to incorporate incense into your wellness ritual include:

Relaxation and Stress Relief
Support Your Meditation
Spiritual Health and Wellbeing
Appreciation and Mindfulness
Stimulate Creativity and Productivity

Consider running a solitary bath and replacing candles with incense. Alternatively, light some Ritual, curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a book. Allow yourself the space and the time to go within and wash the day away.

Never leave burning incense unattended. Keep lit incense away from children and pets. Keep away from flammable material and surfaces. Burn incense in a non-flammable holder and in a well-ventilated room.

Charcoal stick, fragrance oil, dipropylene glycol, (DPG is a synthetic binding agent used to aid in burning)

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