Crystal Set

Crystal Set

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Our Crystal Set is perfect for beginners or simply adding to your collection. Choose from Love or Magic Crystal Sets. Each set includes a crystal meaning card and make a lovely gift!

Get a little crystal love. 5 crystals perfectly packaged in a cotton drawstring bag.
Rose Quartz: love, self love, compassion
Crystal Quartz: harmony, energy, healing
Amethyst: clarity, inner strength, peace
Amazonite: courage, truth, communication
Citrine: joy, abundance, confidence
Create your own magic. This set of 5 crystals comes packaged in a cotton drawstring bag and includes:
Crystal Ball: focus, manifestation, energizing
Amethyst: clarity, inner strength, peace
Moonstone: intuition, clairvoyance, passion
Smoky Quartz: transformation, grounding, clears negativity and blocked energy
Blue Goldstone: protection, psychic awareness, spiritual connection

Due to the natural nature of this item, there is high variation in size, shape and color. A Gathered Home exclusive.

4" x 6" cotton bag

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