Cleansing Ritual Set - Rose Quartz

Cleansing Ritual Set

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Our Cleansing Ritual Set includes a crystal, sage smudge stick, gold dipped feather, brass incense burner and two incense cones. It comes beautifully packaged in a cotton bag adorned with a sweet bell and pink tassel, perfect for reusing and storing tarot cards or other precious treasures. A thoughtful gift for yourself or any housewarming. How to begin your ritual: Remove everything from the bag and place in an uncluttered space or on your altar. Hold crystal in the palm of your hand and set an intention. Light sage wand and smudge your space. Fill brass burner base with salt or sand and place incense cone on top. Light incense and let burn for 15 seconds before blowing out flame. Place top onto burner. Inhale the delicious scent and take a three deep breaths. Visualize yourself and your space bathed in a warm white light. Made with love + intention by Gathered Home.

5" x 4" cotton bag

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