Babe Room Diffuser
Babe Room Diffuser
Babe Room Diffuser

Babe Room Diffuser

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Elevate and transform any space with our Babe Room Diffuser. The luxurious way to continually scent a room.
No. Ordinary. Fragrance. Infused with the finest botanical fragrance oils, the Babe Room Diffuser is perfect for throwing continuous scent in your space. Made in Melbourne, Australia.
Please note the oils inside the vessel will fill to the half-way mark as the vessel used for this range is tall and not squat. You should get at least 6 months use from these oils. 

OUD: Luxurious. Enchanting. Balanced. Be swept away into the deep, smoky nights of the Middle East, the textures and sounds of the souk tingling and alighting all your senses.
Top: Violet – enchanting, dark and earthy
Heart: Anise – herbaceous, candied spice
Base: Oud & Amber – deep and balanced, luxurious resinous, sweet and fragrant heartwood

SANTALUM: Perfect while entertaining your guests (or lover) over lingering cocktails and dinner. Sensual and sophisticated, don’t be shocked if you grunt or growl when burning this heady one Babe!
Top: Grapefruit – A zesty and fresh introduction to the heart and base notes
Heart: Spice & Ylang-Ylang – erotic and narcotic with thrilling sharpness
Base: Wood & Animal – deep, earthy and powerful

ROSA: Flickering on your favorite coffee table or nightstand to set a mood where anything is possible. Forbidden. Seductive. Meet our dirty rose. She’s a little minx and will lead you into temptation.
Top: Violet – enchanting, dark and earthy
Heart: Rose & Clove – heady, warm and aromatic
Base: Sandalwood & Amber – sturdy, wood, rich, sweet, resinous, warm tones

Unscrew lid of room diffuser bottle and replace with diffuser collar provided. Place reeds inside solution. Fragrance will soak into reeds and make its way through the reeds and into atmosphere within a couple of hours. Turn reeds upside down every other week.

Keep away from heat, sparks and flame. No smoking, open flames or sources of ignition in handling and storage area. Material is not classified as dangerous to aquatic organisms (LC50/EC50/IC50/LL50/EL50 greater than 100 mg/L in most sensitive species), however please do not pour contents into stormwater drains or onto soil. Babe products are used at your own risk.

150mL | 5.07 fl oz

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