bkr Jet Glass Water Bottle - 500 ml

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bkr Jet Glass Water Bottle - 500ml is a cult favorite. Store your water in a beautiful eco-friendly alternative to BPA-ridden plastic bottles. The silicone sleeve helps maintain your grip on the bottle and absorbs shock to minimize damage. The twist-off cap features a loop for easy handling and a sleek design that makes the bottle travel-friendly.
Drinking more water is our number one beauty secret. Hydration is the key to having a clear, radiant, and healthy complexion.
Jet is inspired by the times you've left the party early (to get to another), dirty martinis for dinner (extra olives), a heartbreaking pair of stilettos, changing outfits in the backseat, a chic Saint Laurent Le Smoking blazer and a simple white tank, crafting the perfect text message. If a girl looks stunning when she meets you, who gives a damn if she's late?
Opaque black.

Dishwasher Safe: Your bkr glass, sleeve, and cap is dishwasher safe on the top rack. Removing the sleeve is optional but easy.
Cleaning by Hand: if you're cleaning your bkr by hand, we recommend using hot soapy water and a bottle brush. If you'd like to speed up the drying process, roll up a piece of paper towel so it's thin enough to get in the opening of the bottle, but wide enough to stay put. Put the roll 3/4 the way down the bottle (with the top of the roll out the top of the bottle, like a wick) and leave it overnight.
We recommend storing your bkr with the cap off.
Do not freeze or microwave.

500 ml | 16.9 oz.
8"H  x 3" W

Our number one health and beauty tip? Drink. More. Water.
We have been obsessed with bkr for almost a decade now, and our collection just keeps growing. While we can't pick a favorite, we are partial to the spiked bkrs. There is something extra special about the tactile experience and edgy look of them. xx - K

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