Wild Cocktails

Wild Cocktails

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Wild Cocktails includes over 100 recipes using home-grown and foraged fruits, herbs, and edible flowers, from the creator of the Midnight Apothecary. In this unique drinks book, Lottie Muir teaches you how to make exquisite home-grown cocktails using seasonal and foraged plants for freshness and originality. Begin with The Cocktail Cabinet to learn the basics of mixology, gardening and foraging, so that you have all of the skills, techniques, equipment and ingredients you will need to make top-quality drinks. Rather than viewing a cocktail cabinet as a dusty wooden cupboard full of brightly colored, sticky-topped liqueurs, this book looks at growing one, literally–extending it outdoors so that the plant life around you transforms your cocktail adventures throughout the year. Next, Lottie guides you through the Cocktail Elements, showing you how to balance the perfect cocktail with four main components: the strong (alcoholic spirits); the sweet (sugar or its equivalent natural sweetener, such as fresh fruit or plants); the bitter (herbs, spices, barks, roots, or peel); and the acid (citrus fruit but also occasionally milk, tree fruit, wine, or vinegar). Find recipes for a wide range of infusions, syrups, liqueurs, and bitters, such as wild cherry plum brandy, elderberry and clove syrup, or scented geranium and lavender limoncello. Finally, try The Recipes, divided into garden, foraged, restorative and nonalcoholic cocktails. If you don’t grow the fresh ingredients yourself or forage wild ingredients, most of them can be found in markets or stores, or substituted with similar fresh ingredients. The idea is to complement and enhance, not obscure, already delicious liquors, and to create great cocktails. Try a pumpkin and carrot love-in, a woodland martini, a wild strawberry and rose daiquiri, or a birch ginger and wisteria detoxer. The drinks are fun to make and taste sublime; you will appreciate the flavors of the garden and the wild, with the kick of a cocktail!
• Hardcover
• 208 pages
• By Lottie Muir

9.3" x 7.6"

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